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Technologies Information

Thermion´s website utilizes a technology called “cookies” and “web beacons” in order to identify visitors when they access to the website. These technologies are generally limited to collecting statistical data about website visitor usage. The aforementioned does not mean that Thermion collect personal information without visitor´s knowledge.

What is a cookie and a web beacon?
Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored in the hard drive of the computer or electronic communication equipment of the user while navigating a specific webpage, which allow recording of some user-specific data in the Internet server, including your preferences for visualizing the webpages stored in such server, name and passwords.
The web beacons are visible or hidden images included in a webpage or email that are used to monitor the behavior of the user in such means and through which you can obtain certain information like origin of IP address, browser, operative system, webpage access timing and, for email, the association of the above data with the data receiver.
If you register in our webpage, the Data obtained through such technologies are the following: name, user name, address, IP address, preferences, purchases, timing and length of webpage navigation, operative system, consulted sections in the webpage, and webpages accessed before and after Thermion’s webpage.
Thermion uses third party to collect the statistical data derived from these technologies, in which case they are subject to contractual terms with Thermion. No personal information is collected through these third-party.

The main purpose of using cookies 

  • monitor the use of our website
  • monitor traffic
  • access online services
  • manage advertising

How to block cookies?
The cookies can be disabled by the following process:
1. Access our webpage,
2. Click on the “cookies” subsection in your surfer, and
3. Click on the mechanism to disable cookies.     

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