Energy market

A new energy landscape

Since the Energy Reforms of 2014, contracting energy has become increasingly complex. There are hundreds of pages of new laws, new costs of transmission, distribution and congestion charges, government fees and new obligations to purchase clean energy certificates. New market clients will have to confront a very complicated and unpredictable purchasing environment for some years ahead.

The CFE, is now obliged to perform as a commercial business and subsidies are falling away. Prices for most industrial and commercial consumers will almost certainly continue to increase. As CFE tariffs continue to reflect changes in the price of fossil fuels, this means that tariffs will remain volatile and hard to predict.

There is however, a long-standing option to protect your company from the uncertainty in the long-term. It is called the Self-Supply Market. Many of the largest companies in Mexico have used the Self-Supply regime to lower and stabilize their power purchases for a long time. Please click here to learn more.

Self-Supply Market

Self-Supply Projects received their concessions before the Energy Reforms of 2014. They are not governed by the new laws but by regulations that have existed since 1992.

This regime helps your business in many ways:

Your invoice will have two lines – Energy and capacity, however many load points you contract. New Market charges may include more than 20 separate charges with a different price for every load point every month;

Sustainable energy – Self-supply regime projects exempt you from acquiring Clean Energy certificates which are included in the CFE and New Market tariffs;

Cost advantage – Transmission, distribution and other wheeling costs in the New Market will be considerable. Self-Supply renewable projects have a material cost advantage over both CFE and the New Market;

Reliability – Self-supply projects work with the Energy Bank (which is supported by the national utility company) so the lights stay on when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine. In the New Market, suppliers must guarantee 100% of your electricity themselves without the help of the energy bank or support from the national utility company.

Many existing projects are fully contracted for most of their remaining permitted life. Thermion´s projects will be among the last to be built under this regime and will retain the status for 20 years after the commencement of operation;

We represent a very limited opportunity. And we want you to be a part of it.

Clean energy certificates

Under the new regulations, companies will have to purchase Clean Energy Certificates (CELs for their initials in Spanish) for up to 25% of their energy consumption by 2024.

Renewable Self-Supply Projects, such as Thermion’s offer a full exemption from the new CELs purchase obligations and therefore offer savings against both CFE Servicio Básico and New Market tariffs.