Our experienced team can help you to understand the energy transition in Mexico, its rules and regulations, risks and opportunities, so your company can quickly discern fact from fiction and avoid costly or even irreversible mistakes in electricity procurement.

Sustainable Energy

Our renewable power assets are uniquely cost-competitive given that they are located in some of the best wind and solar resource regions in Mexico. All our renewable assets are consistent with development and operation processes governed by Equator Principles and are exempt from any carbon tax or potential future fossil-fuel related fines or requirements.


Our self-supply power projects possess significant advantages over other alternatives. The most important is its simplicity and embedded low-risk characteristics. It is a time-tested regime that some of Mexico’s largest and most-admired companies have been using since 1992 to enhance profitability and to comply with sustainable corporate policies, which Thermion can make available for you for the next 20 years.

Our projects

We currently have 11 projects that will provide nearly 1,000 MW of current planned capacity.