Why us?

Our advantages

We are strongly placed in the Self-Supply Market. We can offer clients stable, competitive prices for the long-term without the uncertainty of the changing market;

Our Self-Supply Projects, deliver to our clients the benefits of the Energy Bank and “postage stamp” transmission costs, under a long-established regulatory structure;

We deal primarily in renewables which means that you can forget about the clean energy certificate requirements and penalties of the New Market;

The company was founded by leading Mexican entrepreneurs, and is managed by a team with deep experience in Mexico’s private energy sector.

Only a handful of companies have capacity available to offer you these advantages. We can help you make the best energy decision for your business. Contact us and see for yourself.

Our Ethos

We push hard when we spot opportunities. We are direct, resolute, disciplined, determined and independent. We are building a legendary company from first thought to reality; through early growth to stability and to whatever is yet to come.A step ahead
We believe the only future for businesses to thrive and prosper is one powered by clean, sustainable energy.

At Thermion, we are a step ahead in creating that future: we are working towards a world where your business, your home and your car get their power from the wind and the sun.

Our Promise

Our organization has been designed to ensure that we are the best company our employees ever work for; the best partner our clients ever do business with and the best investment our investors ever make.Connected to your business
Our biggest investment is in our attention to clients; we aim to help all our customers create successful and enduring stories using our clean energy and advice.

Contact us. We want to be your partners in understanding Mexico’s new energy landscape. We want to become connected to your business.

Our Team

Thermion is managed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in all aspects of the renewable energy industry.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in funding, developing and managing many of Mexico’s most important projects in the private energy sector.

Our dedicated team is passionate about finding the cleanest, smartest energy solutions for your company.