Arca will source 70% from renewables

5 years ago


Arca Continental (AC) foresees that in the next two years 70 percent of its energy consumption in Mexico will be renewable, the foregoing as part of the commitments to reduce its environmental footprint.

For this reason, the company finalized the acquisition of wind energy last year to supply its beverage, snack and plastic factory plants, the company said in its Annual Report for shareholder.

Currently, 38 percent of the energy consumed in Mexico comes from renewable sources.

“The acquisition of renewable energy from a wind farm was completed to supply all the Mexico, Bokados and IPASA Beverage plants. The supply is expected to start in mid-2020, with the aim of achieving a 70 percent consumption of renewable energy in Mexico by 2021, ”he said in the document.

Company sources highlighted that currently, between contracts for wind power and biomass cogeneration in the Piasa Group mills, 38 percent of the electricity flow in AC operations in Mexico comes from renewable sources.

He noted that the goal is expected to be reached by 2021 through new energy contracts and the expansion of Piasa’s capabilities.

Some of the wind energy suppliers that are considered are Grupo Naturgy and Thermion.

“We continually explore increasing the amount of energy from renewable sources, such as wind or biomass, which in Mexico already amounts to 38 percent of the total energy we consume. Actions like these and continuous improvement programs have allowed us to obtain significant reductions in emissions related to the production of beverages, in 2018 we achieved an indicator of 24.45 gr CO2e / lt drinks produced, ”he explained.

For this year, the beverage bottler and snack and snack producer plans to make investments in capital for around 13 billion pesos; Four thousand 600 million pesos will go to operations in Mexico.