Thermion’s First Technology Classroom

4 years ago

Miguel Alemán, Sonora. September 6, 2019.

Today Thermion installed its first Thermion Technology Classroom in the Francisco Eduardo Ibarra – Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Primary School in the municipality of Miguel Alemán, Sonora.

The project was realised through a strategic alliance between Thermion and The Pale Blue Dot, a Mexican non-profit that aims to promote Ed tech in low-income school with no previous access to these kind of tools.

The technology used in the classroom is called Kumu Kali (A polinesian nahuatl mix which translates as “the teacher’s house”) and it was fully developed in Mexico by The Pale Blue Dot. The project included 40 tablets, two VR glasses and an intelligent server that functions as the brain of the whole system.

“The paradigm has shifted, and now its time for a new strategy in education to face the current challenges”.

“With technology, we can foster many of the skills that children need for the new reality: teamwork, problem-solving and creative thinking” said Thermion’s CMO, Xiomara Martín.

“At Thermion we are firmly convinced that the long-term success of any company is inexorably linked to its involvement with people, communities and the environment.” Said one of the board members. “Through social investment in education, we want to create a positive impact that allows our children from low-income tiers to have the tools they need to transform their future today. “

Projects like these aim to generate a change beyond the classroom, and the individuals in it. Thermion’s Technological Classroom has a positive impact for students, teachers and the community in general, by providing tools that release children’s full potential.

A child’s mind has infinite potential. And with the help of technology, its unstoppable.